Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Put Yourself Back on your Daily Top 10 - Me Time - 2009.Feb.10

Put yourself back on your priority list !

Oprah's Best New Life series kicked off the first full week of January. She said something that really clicked in with me. She is putting herself back on her priority list. She showed her schedule of 12 hour plus days with no time scheduled for herself. Those of you who write to do lists like myself - are YOU on this list ???

I have made a little chart in Excel (again with the Excel) that has 24 hours broken down in half hour segments and I have been charting what goes on in my day in 30 minute increments. I am always struggling to get in a workout. From what I am seeing shape up with my schedule is that I need to get my workout done with the baby during the day while dad is at work and kids are at school.

My friend Corinne called me and said that our girlfriend Marie-Claire belongs to the local YMCA that is relatively new and has childcare services for babies 3 months and up, plus classes you can take with your baby and pre-schooler. So, Corinne just got her membership today and picked up forms for me to join too !

This sounds like a great solution to my problem. I could escape the household work for a couple hours a day (in my dreams), but at least a few times a week, work out with a couple girlfriends while our kids play together in the kid area. Corinne also pointed out that we could get in a nice long shower and grab a bite to eat at the cafe before picking up the kids. This sounds totally decadent and dreamlike ! I will believe it when it actually happens. I will keep you posted.

Okay, so back to putting myself on my priority list and to make time for myself on my list of Top 10 things to do each day.... see how looking at your day minute by minute for a couple of weeks will tell you where you can change things or fit things into your day - like yourself !

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