Thursday, March 12, 2009

Growing Up Green Book by Deirdre Imus

Growing up Green, book, by Deirdre Imus

I have checked this book out of the library 3 times now. I need to add this to my buy book list !
This book is jam packed full of information about making the best choices and decisions on which foods, cleaning products, chemicals, toys, and materials to expose your children to or that they may already be exposed.

Some topics included are:

Environmental Triggers to Chronic Illnesses

Prevention is the Best Cure

Preparing for Pregnancy

Eating Right for Two

Developing your Baby's Palate

Green Pediatrics

Off to School - how safe is it ?
"The second volume in the New York Times bestselling Green This! series, Growing Up Green: Baby and Child Care is a complete guide to raising healthy kids. Environmental activist and children's advocate Deirdre Imus addresses specific issues faced by children in every age group-from infants to adolescents and beyond. With a focus on preventing rather than treating childhood illnesses, Deirdre concentrates on educating and empowering parents with information such as: How to make sure your child is vaccinated safely, Which plastic bottles and toys are least toxic, How to lobby for safer school environments and support children's environmental health studies, Advice from leading "green" pediatricians and nationally recognized doctors such as Mehmet C. Oz, M.D. Chock-full of research and advice, Growing Up Green makes it easy for you to introduce your child to the "living green" way of life."

"The World Health Organization estimates that we could prevent more than 80 percent of all chronic illnesses by improving our lifestyles in simple ways, like working to reduce our exposure to environmental pollutants and eating a healthier diet. Eighty percent ! So, why aren't we doing more to protect our children ?"

"For a number of reasons, children are more adversely affected by exposure to environmental toxins than adults. Pound for pound of body weight, they breathe and eat more than we do. Their still developing immune systems might mistakenly treat toxins as naturally occurring enzymes or hormones. And because children are growing and developing so fast, dangerous cell mutations can multiply at a faster rate. Children are also less capable of detoxifying and excreting chemicals than adults. Their blood-brain barrier is still porous and allows more chemicals to reach their brains."

This book is a compelling read and contributes to our family's mission to make better green options in our everyday lives.


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