Monday, April 6, 2009

Mommy Minute - Is it worth it to have 1.5 year old play in sand on kitchen floor to get chores done ? YES !

Mommy Minute - letting my 1.5 year old play in the sand on my kitchen floor today....

It was so totally worth it ! My older son (who is 10 years old) is working on a project with sand and so there was this bucket of sand on the floor today and of course my youngest, Jonathan, found it fast ! I decided instead of saying "No!" and to stop the impending chaos.. I chose to join in and to sit down and play in the sand with him. I got out an extra bucket and some measuring cups and a funnel to play with him.

This was his first experience with sand and he LOVED it ! He was so happy. I left the mess all day long and he came into the kitchen while I was doing dishes and played in the sand.... he came into the kitchen while I was making dinner and played in the sand... loving life !

I have a linoleum floor and you know what it's just sand. I can sweep it up and put it back into the buckets and we are all set. So, what could you say "Yes" to next time and stop what you are doing and play with your toddler and share in their joy and be present in that minute ???

Gotta go sweep up that sand !

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