Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Vacation on a Budget - House Sit for Someone in a Different City

Are you a Family on Budget and still want to go on vacation this summer?

Do you have friends and family in another town that are going away and need someone to watch their house, feed their cats, and water their plants?

You can help out your family or friends and watch over their house and then be a tourist in their city and check out the local sites and see what there is to do for your family within an hour of their house. Or maybe if both families are on a budget you can swap houses for a week !

It's fun to be at someone else's house and play with someone else's toys and maybe visit some pets especially if you have a pet-free home. We just did this for a week and my 18 month old yelled "kitty kitty" everytime we pulled up to my girlfriend's house. I am allergic to cats and we cannot have any, but I can cope with staying at her house as long as I am not snuggling with them and whatnot. It was pure joy for Jonathan to love up 2 very lovey cats. We watered and fed the cats, played with their toys, played in their yard, kept the house tidy, watered the plants and grass, checked the mail.

We have friends and family in the area and visited them and checked out the local sites in the area like the parks, the zoo, the shopping, the movies. We had a ton of fun without paying for a hotel and helped out my girlfriend too so she wouldn't have to board her cats and keep her grass and plants alive.

I just googled "house sitting" and there are even all kinds of services for house sitters and for home owners looking for house sitters.

Advantages of Having a House Sitter:

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