Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When Life Comes at you like a Freight Train !

Whoah Mama! August has been quite a month for me and my family!

August 10th we closed on a house that I wasn't expecting to buy - a cute fixer upper ranch for $153,500 at 4.09% financing - we felt we couldn't pass it up even though it is a whole year early before a game plan.

My poor sweet baby Jonathan who is 20 months old sorta fell off the bed and slipped on a Sports Illustrated (not mine!) and fell on top of a metal book light that happened to be on the floor instead of night stand (not mine!).

In this freak accident he cut above his lip, below his nose & had to go to the Emergency Room to get stitches (worst mom experience - 3 adults holding a poor screaming baby down while he is yelling "No! Hurt!" - they needed a 4th 'cause he was sooo strong!) and in the next week went back to Urgent Care and ER multiple times to deal with stitch that came out after 1st day and high fever.

End result is that we have a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon next week to discuss options which most likely will be surgery to repair 6 months to a year out because they can't do anything now 'cause wound is so old you only have a 48 window to fix these things. Now, they have to wait for it to scar over & then they will cut out scar and repair.

I wouldn't go through all this if it wasn't on my poor handsome, cutie's face! Give me an arm, Give me a leg, and Give me a scar - totally different story on your child's face.

Okay so other personal - totally too much information - just getting my periods back since birth of baby and they are horrendous - 2nd was better than first - first I was bed ridden for 4 days, 2nd I was only bed ridden for 2 days - but any either scenario - no running for a week!

NOW, I have mastitis! Holy Moly! For past 7 days while dealing with the Jonathan crisis I have barely had 3-4 hours sleep at night with ER visits, high fevers, baby crying, etc... And I was in the process of weaning him - to see if we can be done nursing by the time he is 2 years old (we are discussing if we are going to have 4th child before I turn 40). So, nursing has been erratic during crisis week because I threw weaning out the window with all of these distressing hospital visits. So, nursing pattern immediately and dramatically changing, me sleep deprived, run down, and exhausted, and germ-o-rama sick people all around at Urgent Cares and ERs = Mastitis for Melissa !

I am bed ridden today and tomorrow. My husband, dear husband took all three kids on a road trip today to spend the day with our best friends and their family & may even spend the night. I opted out and am here at home alone. I wish they had a movie place that delivered movies! Ooooh... that's right we have on demand movies through our cable company - chick flick - here I come!

How has your August been? What do you do when Life comes furiously flying at you with twists and turns?
- It really makes me appreciate it more that I am normally super healthy and usually get sick only once a year.
- It really makes me feel for and appreciate all those mamas out their that have to deal with chronically or critically ill children
- It makes me appreciate and love my family all the more!

Hug your Husband! Hug your Kids! Love Them Up! Appreciate Them!


  1. Oh man...I am feeling for you and sending you positive thoughts for healing, wellness, rest and lots of love. I can relate as I ended up with an infected cyst right between my legs. Yes, you read that right. I'll tell you, recuperating from child birth 11 weeks ago was not as painful as a cyst swollen to the size of a golf ball. Fortunately, it was only days to get on an antiboitic and for things to take care of themselves (with the help of some very long, warm baths), but it took me out of commission for some time. My husband picked up the pieces and helped nurse me back to health. And I agree. I had a new appreciation for how good I feel and healthy I am normally. Sometimes you need a dose of contrast to remind you how good things are. And I, too, found myself thinking about those moms who are dealing with chronic illness and pain and finding a way to stay present and loving for their families.
    Hope you are doing better and that September is an awesome month!
    Nicola Ries Taggart

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