Wednesday, September 9, 2009

After School Routines - Do you have one? - Here's Mine !

The After School Routine

3:55 Home from School
1. Hugs & Kisses Hello (even if older kids complain!)
2. Take off Shoes
3. Take off Backpack
4. Empty Lunchbox
5. Wipe out Lunchbox with damp dish cloth
6. Hang Lunchbox on your hook OPEN so it will air dry
7. Get all notes, permission slips, and agendas out of backpack
8. Put all papers & agenda in wire basket on kitchen counter
9. Wash hands & go to the bathroom
10. Get after school snack
*note: I used to let the kids veg out first but then this list above would take like an hour!
Now, if they have to do it before their free time it only takes them 10-15 minutes – hum?

4:15 Free time until 5pm
Eat snack & Veg Out !
- Play outside
- Watch t.v. or play wii
- Read or play board game

5:00 Sit at kitchen table and keep Mom company while Mom makes dinner
Do your homework & chat about their day
* ask questions that do not require a yes or no response
Such as - “Tell me the best 3 things and worst 3 things about your day”
No homework?
- Read
- Write in Thankful Journal
- Draw Pictures

5:45 Set the table for DinnerTime
Water for Everyone

6:00 DinnerTime!
Prayer – God’s Grace
Then everyone goes around and says what they are thankful for
We all talk about our day :-)

6:30 Everyone clean up the kitchen
1. Put away any leftovers
2. Wash Dishes & put away
3. Wash pots & pans
4. Wipe down stove
5. Wipe down toaster & toaster oven
6. Wipe down microwave – inside & out
7. Wipe off kitchen table & chairs & bench
8. Sweep kitchen floor

7:00 See BedTime Routine! :-)


  1. Great routine. I have a young one now, but I hope to have it this together when he gets older!