Monday, May 24, 2010

Start Collecting E-Mail Addresses Today !

Start Collecting E-Mail Addresses Today !

Do you collect e-mail addresses from your customers? If you don't, START TODAY! You can start as simple as putting out a nice looking notebook at your counter and having people write down their e-mail addresses. Write at the top of each page - "E-Mail Sign Up for Coupons and Specials".

It does NOT matter if you do not have an e-mail program in place yet. Start collecting these addresses NOW. They are worth their weight in gold ! Get a collection together, so when you start your e-mail campaign you can hit the ground running with a list ready to go.

Ways to Build Your E-Mail List:
  • Notebook at your counter
  • Quickbooks Point of Sale Program allows you to collect them as you ring up customers
  • Other Computer Register programs allow you to collect them as you ring up customers
  • Start with your Family and Friends e-mail list
  • Put a "Join our E-Mail List" widget on your web-site
  • Use all e-mails from any of your business e-mail services like Yahoo Mail or Google Mail
  • Put a fishbowl or collection box for business cards at your business for some type of weekly or monthly drawing
  • On the next postcard you send out, tell your customers they will get 25% off one item in your store or site or business for signing up on your e-mail list
  • Use same type of offer on your next newsletter
  • Use "word of mouse" - send e-mails to your existing list and make them an offer they can pass along to their friends - friends bring in coupon to get % off if they sign up on your e-mail list
Weekly or Daily take all these e-mail addresses and type them into an Excel file. All of the major e-mail campaign services out there will let you upload info from an Excel file to their program. More to come in the future on E-Mail Campaigns.

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