Monday, June 14, 2010

Turn off your business on Fridays - Institute a Friday Family Fun Night !

Friday Family Fun Nights !

Turn off your business on Fridays ! I don't even log into my e-mails or work on any business Friday nights - even after the kids go to bed. We stay up late for Family Fun and I go to bed when they go to bed this one night of the week.

Here's some of what we do for Lierman Family Friday Fun Nights:
- Play boardgames like: Checkers, Chess, and Sorry
- Play games like: Jenga, BattleShip, and Yahtzee
- Play wii games like: Wii Sports, Tony Hawk Downhill Jam, and Mario Kart
- Food and Snacks include: Pizza, Pop, Popcorn, Chocolate Bars, and Gummy Bears
- PJs and MovieTime round out the night ! We all get our pjs on and hunker down on the couches and sleeping bags and watch a fun family movie like: Over the Hedge, The Incredibles, or Spy Kids.

Some of the benefits of a Family Fun Night:

"Games offer a fresh experience every time you play, providing new ways to have fun and laugh together. Some games, such as CRANIUM and OPERATION, are developed with giggles in mind and would be a great choice on nights when everyone needs a good laugh."

Family Bonding
"Game play allows your kids to learn from you and from each other. It encourages a sense of connectedness and respect among family members."

"Games can be a subtle learning tool. For instance, CLUE is good for learning deductive reasoning. MONOPOLY is ideal for teaching beginning budget skills and YAHTZEE provides a fun way to teach simple addition and multiplication."

Life Skills
"Games teach kids important life skills such as patience, concentration, teamwork and perseverance. By taking turns, following rules and even losing a game, kids learn skills that they can apply at school and in the home."

Once a month we invite another family over that has kids and we ask them to bring their pjs and sleeping bags and get ready for lots of family fun. Our kids come home thrilled and excited on Friday nights. Institute a Friday Family Fun Night in your house this week ! Make it one of your family traditions.

SOURCE:, ideas, suggestions, and coupons for your family game night.

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