Monday, August 9, 2010

Mom Entrepreneur? Work at Home? How to Manage Your Business Time

Do you Work at Home? Are you a WAHM, Mom Entrepreneur, or Mompreneur?

I try and work on my business at least 4 hours a day. I set a timer and work for 45 minutes and then take 15 minutes to do a household related task like throw in a load of laundry, run up and make all the beds, clean one bathroom, wash the kitchen floor.

I have tried to do just business for hours, but the household stuff is screaming at me. I am mom first before I am a mom entrepreneur. I don't believe my family, laundry, and dinner should suffer because I have a business. It's about priorities and family has to come before business.

So, I have found that setting a timer is important - you can get a digital kitchen timer from all the dollar stores - I have two. One is for the 45 minutes of work time and the other I clip onto myself when I am doing my 15 minute household task.

Try it ! Pick a work task like checking all e-mail boxes and doing a few tweets on Twitter for 45 minutes and then do a household task for 15 minutes, then come back and do Blog posts for 45 minutes and then do a household task for 15 minutes, then come back and work on things to grow your business like press releases, posting articles to ezines, working on a proposal for a potential client for 45 minutes, then do a household task for 15 minutes.

See how good you will feel about coordinating your at home business time with your home and its responsibilities - the dishes, laundry, and dirty floors do not magically disappear because you have a business !

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