Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chores for Kids - Give your kids TWO 15 minute Chores Everyday !

I polled many mom friends and my mom friends on Twitter. Very few moms are giving their kids daily chores ! What ? One mom of 5 said that she can't see through the clutter of each room anymore. Who made this clutter? Her whole entire family. Who's picking it up ? 5 kids doing 2 chores a day = 10 chores a DAY that she doesn't have to do anymore!

Even my 18 month old helps with chores! I wash and dry the laundry and my husband carries it upstairs from the basement. It is his responsibility to man the storing of this laundry into each person's clean laundry basket. He hands clothing to our toddler and says, give this to Mack or give this to Mommy and he runs to do it and comes back for more and more and more !

It is summertime and I do want kids to be kids and have fun. At the very least give your kids ONE 15 minute chore in the a.m and ONE 15 minute chore in the p.m. Kids don't have a huge attention span or motivation to work for 30-60-90 minutes on cleaning or chores.

If you have 2 kids and they each do 2 chores each a day - that is 20 to 24 chores a week that YOU don't have to do ! Then I have moms say that they don't have time to teach them or that they won't do it well enough. As a former perfectionist, I can empathize with these feelings. Really, does it matter how they fold their undies, pjs, or socks to put in their drawers? Really? I say as long as the socks and pjs are matched together somehow - I don't care ! My 10 year old son takes his pj top and his pj bottom and literally rolls them into a ball and puts the rolled ball in his drawer! Whatever works!

Could you sweep the kitchen better? You sure could, but they could sweep the kitchen at least once each day and get up some of the dirt right? They could get up even more if you had an electric broom like Oreck Electric Broom, The Shark, or a Swiffer. My husband wants to get a Swiffer for my toddler who loves to sweep the kitchen with his kid sized straw broom.

Start with two 15 minute chores you can give your kids TODAY!

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