Monday, June 1, 2009

Make a monthly date with each of your children

Today is June 1st. Mark on your calendar tonite a date this month with each of your kids.

I have 3 children - ages 10, 7, and 17 months. My older kids are just fantastic with the younger one and love him to pieces ! However, one of the things they told me about 2 months after the baby was born was that they love him, but that it seemed like I no longer had time for them !

Well, if you are a mom you know you cannot even see straight those first 6-8 weeks. Well, I started a new tradition in our family that once a month each kid gets a night with just mommy.
They get to pick where we eat for dinner - within limits. I am a big fan of coupons and deals - so we look for specials and coupons and put them on the bulletin board as possible choices for our "date night". They pick something that is interesting to them like bowling, going to the bookstore, going to the comic book store, getting gelato or ice cream and sitting outside and talking.

We do it on a school night and leave at 5pm and return at 9pm so we can really get some quality hours together. The only thing that we do not do on this night is the movies. Though that would be time together, that is not time together for us to talk and for me to learn and listen to what is going on with their lives.

My kids LOVE this night. My 10 year old son, came in our room after our first Mommy Son date and said "Mom, I sure had a great time tonite and I hope we can do it again sometime!" How Sweet !

So, give it a whirl! Consult your June calendar now & block off a date night with each one of your children !

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