Monday, November 2, 2009

Do you have a product you would like to test-market to 2000-5000 Moms this weekend?

I travel across the United States & Canada going to various conferences, festivals, and fairs. I sell products made by moms and I also speak about a variety of business topics such as: how to start a business from home while being a mom with a family, how to grow your existing business, how to design a simple and easy web-site you can maintain by yourself, the ins and outs of search engine optimization for your web-site and blogs, how to use twitter for business and more.

Three of these events a year are specifically Moms Conferences. These are weekend getaways for Moms relax, re-charge, and get re-freshed as a mom. These moms get to hang out with 2000-5000 other moms and take classes on anything from parenting, to marriage, to digital photography, to scrapbooking, to updating your mommmy wardrobe. I have gone to these Moms Conferences for 11 years and love love love going to them. Every mom I bring to one of these conferences wants to know why I didn't make her go sooner.

I rent space at these Moms Conferences and sell products made by over 20 different moms. We sell Products Made by Moms for Moms - anything from jewelry, to handbags, to baby layette items, to cute saying baby onesies, baby planners, baby books, mom planners & calendars, to printed Moms Rock shirts, to rhinestoned Mom shirts, + so much more.

Two years ago I started a program where I allow 4 moms come to each conference to try out and test market their product to these thousands of moms. In one weekend you get to test and try to sell your product to your target market = Moms. This is a fantastic opportunity to find out if you have a product that will sell and connect with the mom market. There is no better focus-group jam-packed into one long weekend.

How this program works - each mother entrepreneur:
- gets two feet of space to market and sell their product at the booth
- must participate in the full set-up and break-down of entire booth
- must participate in the full operations for the entire booth
- we take turns on the cash register and bagging
- must work the entire full two days of the conference
- we rotate breakfast, lunch, and dinner breaks

Conference Dates that still has openings:
#1 = November 6th & 7th, 2009 in Minnesota
#2 = March 12th & 13th, 2010 in Illinois

For some moms this launches their businesses and give them the reassurance and reinforcement that they have a product that connects with their target market of moms. For some moms, like at the most recent conference, it was an end to a struggling business - it was a nice product, packaged correctly, and done right - but didn't connect with her target market of moms. For other moms, they have met retail and online store owners & set up wholesale arrangements. For other moms, their products sold so well we started selling their products on our online store & started bringing them to all of our TimeOutMom events.

E-mail me at: if you are interested in learning more about your product than you ever imagined in just one weekend !