Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby Jon Jon taking care of Baby Doll Katya while Sissy is at school & Potty Training her too !

Maria is my 8 year old daughter and just got a new baby doll for her 8th Birthday. She tries to bring Baby Katya to school whenever she can, but sometimes she lets her almost 2 year old brother Jonathan babysit for her. He does a fantastic job ! This new baby doll looks so real that Jon Jon holds her, shares his gold fish crackers to her, and fights with Sissy to sleep with her at night !

Here he is holding Baby Katya on the couch - he needed me to wrap her up in a blanket to hold her on the couch.

Look at that sweet look of love ! He totally thinks Katya is his real baby sister !

Jonathan is potty training, so he decided he would potty train Katya too on his little potty chair. They took turns going potty. Then when she was all done he put a diaper on her!

#1 on Jonathan's Christmas List is his own babydoll, #2 on Jonathan's Christmas List is anything to do with horseys, #3 on Jonathan's Christmas List is anything Spiderman.

Moms, get your boys babydolls! It teaches them how to love, take care, and nurture. These are great skills for later in life as future Fathers and Husbands !

I met MaryBeth at a workshop in Royal Oak Michigan and went to her web-site afterwards and fell in love with her dolls! She is a mom-owned business inpsired to create this business of Adopted Babies by her own 2 adopted girls ! I love, love, love supporting Mom-Owned and created businesses! I also love the concept that you Adopt a Baby from Around the World. http://preciousbabydolls.com/

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