Monday, December 7, 2009

Make your Kids & Husband feel special during Holiday Break

A lot of us have a week or two off during the holiday season. More important than all the gifts in the world - is your time with your family. I am planning to take one whole day and spend it with each one of my children - just me and that one child spending time together all day doing whatever they want to do. Some ideas could be going to the bookstore, going bowling, going to the comic bookstore, going to the park, going out to eat at lunch at their favorite restaurant.

I do this once a month with each one of my children. We spend time together one-on-one "hanging out". It is fantastic! The kids watch the Family Calendar like a hawk for "their special day". They skip off to school waiting to come home and take off with Mom on our adventures. We have fabulous conversations in the car, on the road, at our destinations, on the way back - non-stop talking. I always tell them they can ask me ANYTHING and I will always answer truthfully. That "rule" makes for some amazing conversations I'll tell you!

Husband-Time - we all need some alone time with our spouse. We struggle with this ourselves and it is a goal we are always trying to improve. During our holiday break this year, we will be looking for a babysitter for all three kids. We live near my husband's family and they are willing to take our older kids, but it has to be a complete emergency for them to take the baby (who will be 2 by the end of year). He is wonderful, sweet, and adorable - however, since all their kids are older - they seem terrified of diapers and little ones and that they just won't know what to do. And unfortunately, my in-laws are just too senior to take care of our kids at this point.

We are also entertaining the idea of finding another like-minded family to trade babysitting with on Saturday nights - back to the "baby" factor - we need to find friends that have a little one too and aren't put off by watching 3 kids!

So, can you squeeze in a special day for each one of your kids and your hubby this holiday season. Isn't that what it is all about - Family ? You will have an amazing time doing the simplest things. The best gift you can give your children and husband is your undivided attention, time, and love.

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