Monday, December 14, 2009

Maria & Jon Jon Loving up our New Baby - All Kids need a Baby to Love !

My daughter Maria Stella turned 8 years old in August and I debated with my husband whether she should have another baby doll to add to her collection. Is 8 too old for baby dolls ?

Well, I am so glad Maria got another babydoll. She and her little brother Jonathan, who is not 2 yet, adore the "new baby" in our house. I'll tell you what Maria is THE BEST big sister. I call her my #2. She is my #2 when it comes to taking care of her little brother Jonathan the way I do. Don't get me wrong, my husband is a GREAT dad, but Maria is an awesome "little mama".

Maria and Jonathan take that new little baby Katya everywhere & fight over who sleeps with her at night! Jon Jon takes care of baby Katya when "sissy" is at school. Look at the cutie pic of Jon Jon watching his favorite Sesame Street with his little sister !

All of my children have had baby dolls in their lives - even my sons. When we found out we were pregnant with our 2nd - we (I) got MacKenzie a baby doll so we could start getting him used to the idea of a sibling. He loved that little baby doll Maria and took care of her and held her and talked to her. As it turns out we named our daughter Maria - we always loved that name, but the deal was sealed when we decided to name our daughter after both of our Grandmas - Maria & Stella :-)

Moms don't be afraid to your sons baby dolls too - it will teach him to care, love, and have empathy. It also gives them an outlet to express their feelings and model the behaviors you exhibit. You will crack up the first time your child puts their baby in "time-out" just like you do.

So, for a gift giving suggestion for your children of all ages and genders - is get her or him a baby doll to love !

p.s. Maria Stella's baby doll Katya came from a metro detroit local mom-owned company called Precious Baby Dolls at .

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