Friday, January 1, 2010

The start of my New Year's Goals - Personal, Family, Business - Join Me ?

I am working on my list of New Year's Goals
What are my goals & How am I going to execute them
Join Me?

Spend one hour a day taking care of my body - walking, running, yoga
* I am going to run and share with my twitter friends in the
#momsrunning group
* I am going to do 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups each day with my
twitter friends in #Team100 group
Take a physical exercise class
* I start a running clinic next week on Wednesday nights
Take an enrichment class
* I start an Adobe Photoshop class in 2 weeks
Get together in the company of women & spend time not being a mother or wife
* I joined a women's book club that meets once a month

Monday thru Friday during the school year - no business from 4:00pm to 9:00pm

* exception is if my husband takes all kids to one of their sporting
events (like hockey) & i get to stay home
Fridays are Lierman Family Fun Night
* board games, card games, wii games, pizza, pop, popcorn, movies,
pjs, & sleeping bags
* once a month invite over another family to join us in their pjs w/
their sleeping bags
Check in with FaceBook once a day
* I use FaceBook for family & friends throughout usa & canada
& they are complaining that my love affair with Twitter is hurting
my relationship with Twitter

Do a blog talk radio show
* I have registered my account
* I have done 2 spontaneous shows
* I will do one blog talk radio show a week
Keep up on blogging
* I will do 2 blog posts a week
* I will look for guest bloggers that have information of interest
to my community of moms
Designate sunday nights as technology updates
* save all my web-site updates for sunday nights and do them all at
once so there is fresh content every monday
Commit to doing 15 minutes of paperwork every day before I am even allowed to turn on my computer
* paperwork can swallow you up !
* I will do this first before checking e-mail or getting on twitter

Well, there's the start of my list. How is yours going ?


  1. Great list! Today I'm finishing end of year things so I can focus on creating a better familly/home/business schedule. I let business get ahead a few times and I need to reorganize how my day will flow so I'm available when my kids need me.

  2. Hey there! Just happened on to your site and saw this post. I'm doing a whole blog this year on Walking my Talk: staying on task to do the things I say I want to do. And they are all things that will lead me to my best life. How are you doing keeping up with your list?

  3. I was going to DM you, but can't seem to, even though I follow you...

    Anyway, I really want to help sweet Shawni raise awareness for research on blindness... and there's a prize of a lunch with her and her mother Linda Eyre, author of NY Times parenting bestsellers... if her story resonates, would you be willing to tweet about her I Love Lucy Project/Lunch?

    My best,
    Whitney (signed in as my daughter Miranda)