Monday, November 8, 2010

Get Local on Yahoo and Google - Get Local

Get Local !

Get Local on Yahoo and Google Today !

Every business that has a physical storefront location needs to get on and Often when someone is searching online the Local Yahoo Listings come up first and the Google Map Listings come up first.

We all know that the better & higher placement online is the better. The higher on the Top Ten the better. Also, customers give more credibility to the local listings, especially since they can see other customer's reviews of those businesses.

Your web-site is only as valuable as how many people see it. The more people see it translates into more sales for you. People think of advertising on the web in big huge terms. Think of more narrow and specific terms.

If you are a local knitting store in Royal Oak Michigan then you want to target customers within 50 miles of your store. Are you going to focus on paying for ads or targeting your business for anyone in the United States looking for yarn or want to know about knitting? No, she wants to focus on getting people that live in the area to her store. When they type in "knitting stores royal michigan" she wants to come up Number #1.

By the way, local knitting store in Royal Oak, Ewenique Knits ( ), owned by Amy Goller and Marilyn Grazioli comes up #1 on the Yahoo Local Listing, which appears before the general listings and she comes up #1 on the general listings. Way to go Amy ! Keep up the good work and keep listing your business on local sites. Check out their fantastic store, resources & classes, and of course their Knitting Rocks shirts.

Go to get your business listed here today !:

p.s. sometimes your business is already listed because it was pulled from another source, it is your responsibility to update this information !

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