Monday, November 1, 2010

Twitter for Business - What is a Twitter Profile Review ?

Are you tired of constantly hunting for your next customer? Are you spending a lot of time, money and energy advertising, marketing and attending networking meetings, but not getting enough sales? Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers found you instead? Even better, how would you like it if people you don’t even know were busy promoting and recommending you and your business to others while you're off spending time with your family?

Twitter is the answer to finding more customers. However, there are many people on Twitter and it is just not working for them and they don't get it. They are stuck at 100-1000 followers and can't seem to move forward. I can teach you what Twitter is and how to really make it work for you and your business. You can't just show up and hope it will happen - you need to know how to do it right and do it well.

I want you to work smarter, not harder! All types of businesses - product based, direct selling, or serviced based - would benefit from engaging in using this fantastic and necessary social media tool called Twitter. Whether you own a brick and mortar business, offer professional services, run a non-profit agency, manage a business group (like a chamber of commerce), have a retail store, or sell your products online - Twitter can work for you to Grow Your Business.

Quote from Seth Godin that I think exemplifies what I think Twitter for Business is:
Turn strangers into Friends.
Turn friends into Customers.
And then... do the most important job:
Turn your customers into salespeople

-Seth Godin

What is a Twitter Profile Review?
A Twitter Profile Review is a personal and in depth look at your Twitter Profile. How are you tweeting? How are those tweets presenting to your Twitter Community? Are you only tweeting personal tweets? Are you only tweeting business tweets? How do you integrate both personal and business seamlessly. What is your profile picture and bio telling the world about you? What is the most effective way to use those 160 characters you are given in your profile bio area? What tools can you use to make tweeting for business easier? How do you tweet about your business service or product in an appropriate, authentic, and non-spammer way? How are you building your Twitter community with your Target Market?

Important information you need to know in order to Work Smarter, Not Harder on Twitter:

  • What percentage of your tweets should be Sharing Resources like links to web-sites, blogs, and articles?
  • What percentage of your tweets should be Engaging and Connecting with our people?
  • What percentage of your tweets should be just Chirping about your life?
  • When are the busiest times daytime hours on twitter?
  • When are the busiest evening hours on twitter?
  • How can you tweet during these times & not actually be on twitter live?

Book your personal Twitter Profile Review today and learn how you can improve how you are using Twitter and how to Grow Your Business using Twitter.

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